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Courtney & Jared

Amber was not only our photographer for our engagement and wedding, but also one of our coordinators. WOW! Let me tell you have big of a blessing they were that day! From calming a frantic mother of the ring bearer, then occupying my time and keeping me out of the loop while my lovely husband forgot his suit, to catching the most precious moments that I will cherish forever. Crystal and Amber were lifesavers that day! I know I could go on and on for a while listing all the things they did that made the day go so smoothly, but I still wouldn't cover everything. Even in the days and weeks following the wedding I kept finding out more and more stuff behind the scenes they did, without me ever knowing, to make everything go smoothly. These girls REALLY know what they are doing!

I know my wedding day would not have been the same with any other photographer or coordinator!

-Courtney, Bride

Kelly & Dan

Coming Soon...

-Dan, Groom

Sarah & Chandler

Amber was amazing. She became our friend throughout this process and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! She was my right hand the day of the wedding. She had tissues, before I knew I needed them. She literally wiped chocolate off of my nephew’s hands (onto her pants) so that they didn’t get my husbands white shirt dirty before the ceremony. She came up with ideas for posing, because she knew it was hard to come up with a million poses on your wedding day. She crawled through bushes for us, just to capture an image that has turned out to be my absolute favorite. She offered insight, support, and encouragement through one of the craziest days of my life. I won’t ever be able to fully thank her for what that meant to us! We love you Amber!

-Sarah, Bride

Madi & Cory

Coming Soon...

-Kim, Mother of the Groom

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