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Our first blog!!!

(A pre-P.S. for you guys... We had some issues figuring out our point of view writing this post. Do one of us act like we're writing it when we're actually both writing it together? Do we stop and say who just said that paragraph? First, second or third person??!!?!! So, we just went with it. Don't judge us. We're actually both really good at grammar and English, or so we thought.)

Amber has been wanting to do a blog since we started this new venture, however; timing just wasn't lining up for us. For our first blog we want to just introduce ourselves.

Amber has a photography business that she has been dominating since 2012.

Crystal works for a family business from her home office and home-schools her kiddos.

So, some people want to know how we got started in the planning and coordinating industry and it all stems from Amber's photography business (Amber Fulbright Photo)...

At her busiest, Amber was doing 33 weddings per year with a handful of them being videography too. She noticed a definite need for wedding coordinators and realized that was something that she not only knew all about by this time, but was good at it and loved doing it. She needed help though, how was she going to photograph and coordinate at the same time? So she contacted Crystal and we did several weddings together. Slowly, we both realized that this was something we both enjoyed.

One day, Amber finally called up Crystal to see what she thought about making this "official" and not doing it under her photography business anymore, but instead sharing all the ownership with Crystal under a new business name. (We can only imagine the amount of confusion it brought our couples saying Amber Fulbright Photo was their coordinator...) We sat down one night and literally planned out our entire business, everything from our business name, website, email, business plan, marketing plan, budgets, Facebook page, logo; you name it, we had it planned out.

We wanted our logo to be simple, timeless, fun, modern, pretty, universal... Pretty much a lot of things. We came up with this and we loved it! We knew there had to be a heart of some kind because of what the word "agape" is, so we started brainstorming how we could use a heart and not look like every other heart logo out there.

Within the next week we were totally official and had everything set up to legally be in business! Since then we have been booking weddings and events left and right and we're so grateful for what God has done for us and our new business. We can't wait to share with all of you the new and exciting things we have planned for this business AND our next business. Just a little hint... think "the perfect venue" :)

So, there you have it, a short, sweet, to-the-point version of our story.

Us at our first wedding show as Agape Event Planning! Crystal on the left (red hair) and Amber on the right (brown hair).

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