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About Agape

At Agape, our mission is to provide an effortless event service with a modest price tag, while building lasting relationships that in-turn show the agape love that Christ shows to us.

What is Agape?

Agape: a Greco-Christian term referring to love, "the highest form of love, charity" and "the love of God for man and of man for God".

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Let's Get Personal


Forever sisters

We've pretty much gotten along since Amber was born. Being only three and a half years apart, we usually found ourselves interested in the same things at the same time. Crystal was always okay with Amber tagging along (at least she acted like it), and Amber was always up for hanging out with her big sis. When our little sister was born, we were so excited to be big sisters together. While our little sister isn't involved in our business venture, she is very involved in our lives!

We grew up going to church and it was, and has always been, a big part of our lives. Our main goals in starting this business revolved around the fact that we wanted to show the love of Christ through everything we do.

Our personalities may be at opposite ends of the spectrum, be we feel that is one of our biggest strengths. You can read a little bit about each of us below where we decided to write each other's bios to give you an idea of what we think of each other!


Crystal McCawley

Co-Owner, Event Planner, All-Around Amazing Person

Crystal... Where to begin?

Crystal has always been someone I've looked up to. She's loud, she demands the attention of everyone in the room without trying, she's very controlling (in a good way), and she once slammed a guitar against my face... all things I'm not generally good at, but none of those are even the reasons I look up to her. She has always had a relationship to admire with someone, be it our parents or her husband. She never fails in showing her Godly values in what she does. I see her relationship now with her children and I have no doubt that they will grow to be admirable young women from the example they have as a mother, and the way they are being raised to be strong, hard-headed, Christ-like individuals, just like their mamma.

You know you're close to your sister when your dogs are even sisters, but to start a business with someone, you have to put a lot of faith and trust into their abilities. My first thought when I considered coordinating weddings was, "I wonder if Crystal would be interested in doing this with me. I think she would be perfect." So, here we are, and I’m so excited for this adventure. I hope it only brings us closer together… not wringing each other’s necks in the end. O_O

Amber Hogue

Co-Owner, Event Planner, Best Photographer Ever

Ohhhhh Amber, How I adore her! If you told me that the shy little girl (who HATES feet) would end up being a successful photography business owner who could command a room, I would say you had lost it.  But she has.  She amazes me at how she can be so organized and in control of any situation while still making sure the emotional aspects of the event are taken care of in the greatest detail.  I love that she has made friends and keeps up with each of her brides. 

She loves my children like they are her own and they couldn't love their Auntie Am more than they do.  Her obsession with Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie dough frustrates me, only because she can eat it without fear of gaining a billion pounds like I know I would (which I swear she eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner some days).  She has a passion for children and those in need and volunteers her time at a local organization as much as she can.  She is seriously the most giving person I know.  She is smart and cunning.  She never does anything financially without first asking, WWDRD? (What would Dave Ramsey do?).  She is my mentor and confidant in so many different ways, which is crazy to think since she is younger than me, but it's true.  When she called me to ask if I would be interested in this position, I didn't even hesitate.  I know that she will give 110% of her efforts, because well....that's just who she is.  Amber, I love you so much and pray this journey brings us closer to each other and continually helps us reach people for the Kingdom.  Love you Sis!

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